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Roulette is a game of origin, as the word roulette means little wheel. But now with the spread of the game of roulette everywhere around the world, there have become several versions of the game of roulette, other than the roulette, there are roulette. It is a game characterized by the beauty of its design and ease. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games around the world. A lot of traditional players don’t like playing online casino but need to feel the traditional game play with a real dealer they can see and talk to.

That is why some online casinos, especially the ones mentioned above, now offer their players live roulette, where the player can play roulette and place bets as in the real world. And be as follows the casino provides its players with online roulette with a live dealer, where a real dealer is assigned to deal with the player directly as in reality, where the player can see him through the camera and talk to him through the mic, he can tell the bets he wants to make to the dealer and the dealer can simply talk to him so that the player can simulate the reality in a traditional casino.

What is roulette: roulette is a small wheel divided in the version into 37 holes (0 to 36), and in the version into 38 holes (0 to 36) plus a hole (00). These craters are irregularly numbered. Types of roulette has spread around the world until there are many versions with some additions to the original version around the world. The most popular types of roulette is the original game. The game of roulette is origin and consists of 37 holes from (0 to 36). The version of roulette offers high profits to its players.

The odds of a player winning in roulette is higher than in roulette. It consists of 37 holes from 0 to 36. The roulette game differs from the original roulette in the number of holes where the (00) slot was added in the roulette version, and it became composed of 38 holes, and this is the fundamental difference between it and the roulette. But it’s the same game play, of course. But roulette is the most popular in the world. Here you will find various guides for different games in a nutshell, as well as basic information on all the games facing the casino. Personal while you are at home and there is no need to leave it until you can enter your favorite world after today.

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