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Have you ever wondered what the differences are between a slot game that you play online and one that you play in a physical casino?  The truth is that these days there isn’t much different. Now if you check out the definition of an online game at Wikipedia Online Game you’ll see that an online game is simply a game played over some sort of computer network. Of course these days slot games at real world casinos all have computers in them, so there isn’t much difference is the technology that they can use to develop or present the game. The differences are more those governed by available space.

Online casinos operate in virtual real estate so they can offer as many games as they’d like and at almost any play amount a player wants. There’s no need to worry about a penny slot game taking away space from a player who might want to play dollar slots. So online, players have more freedom on what they bet.  They can even play for free and most online casinos, something real world casinos don’t offer. With the new interactive slot games hitting the market, many players are finding that they enjoy playing slots even when they aren’t betting or winning real money. An online practice game account is a great way to keep score of how you do in a game and save your bank account.

Also since online slot games exist in a world of virtual real estate, the casino can offer as many games as they want. A real world casino is obviously limited by the amount of physical space available.  The more room the slot games take up, the less room there is for table and other games. Which means that real world casinos also make sure those popular slot games are paying out in their favor? Many new players are surprised to find that if they want to play for real money, online slot games actually offer better odds than their real world competitors.

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