Video poker is a great casino game. Very popular with players today, it is available in almost all virtual and land-based casinos.

The Launch of Video Poker

We can say that video poker was created in the 1890’s, two very talented Americans. The machine was obviously not yet what it has become today! It was shaped like a slot machine, and had no screen. In case of victory, the player could not cash out his money immediately. He had to go to the counter to pocket his winnings

Funny little detail there was a time when, instead of real money, the owner offered sweets, cigarettes, or drinks hey, yes, money winnings were prohibited in some states before! This did not facilitate the task of establishments.

The new technology at the rendezvous!

After a few years of ups and downs, Mr. Fey, the inventor of slot machines, renovated the poker machine so that they could keep the cards already dealt and redo new draws.

However, it was not until 1970, following technological advances, that we could really encounter what is now called video poker. The device had become more practical and more attractive, but video poker still did not attract fans of gambling.

The Great Success of Video Poker

In 1979, sir coma made some modifications to the machine to simplify its use. He added a screen with which we could finally view the cards, and some interesting options such as the possibility of changing the cards several times. Relaunched once again in casinos in 1980, video poker began to experience wild success! Then, to vary the pleasures, the developers added many variants, which made this game even more thrilling let’s not forget in particular the release of the progressive jackpots, which was also very attractive! Nowadays, video poker has become essential in all land-based and virtual casinos.

As on slot machines, progressive jackpots sublimate video poker. It is well known, small streams make big rivers. To achieve this bonus, the operators take part of the bets and put it back into a kitty, the ultimate reward for the winner. This simple and attractive concept immediately hit the mark. The player engagement rate is breaking records. Indeed, everything changes with the existence of a jackpot at stake. For good reason, winnings in real money video poker games have never been so tempting. On the other hand, with the huge stakes, the experience is richer in thrills.

We are not going to hide it from you, winning the Jackpot is not easy, especially in a poker game. For this happy event to happen, the player will have to rely more than ever on his achievements and his lucky star. Indeed, only those who have a Royal Flush win this exceptional prize. Be diligent and persistent, the amounts to be won can approach one million euros.

The opportunity is the thief, the gambling sector is full of scammers of all kinds. Many evils are attributed to them fictitious winnings, fraudulent maneuvers. It is always better to take out your card with caution and only frequent a reliable online casino. On this subject, we have made it easy for you with our integrated games links, leading to trusted sites. You will be more serene and able to take up the daunting challenge imposed by these jackpot games.

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