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If you want to play professionally, get good wins and take your place among the famous poker players, it is best to combine playing styles. Know when to use tight and when to use loose. Where bluffs come in handy , and where is it better to just watch your opponents at the table. After all, all players are different, and you must be able to adapt to them. And only in this case can you be considered a good player that beginners will want to look up to. But this is more likely the exception than the rule. When players collect equal combinations, the sizes of bonuses become zero.

Then the best option would be to change the table, because there is no point in playing with this opponent. Also, we do not recommend making good bets for styles if you are in the starting position. At some casino tables it is worth starting from how good the cards are in your sleeve elsewhere you need to observe the situation on the field of play and understand what position you are currently in. There are several key tips to highlight do not steal all the time. Do this move every 3-4 draws try to take certain maneuvers to defend and steal those same blinds from your opponents.

After all, a situation may occur when the players sitting at the table, after you, will be able to get their hands on pretty good cards, which will subsequently be able to go into the drawing with a promotion in the class. And then you will be forced to give up your bets without any fight. If you are in the position, you can use theft, but it is worth slightly increasing the number of cards used. And then your poker game will definitely pay off. If at the same time the participant of the poker party wins the stingy, and in three combinations, then he is awarded six points.

If the conditions for selecting combinations are not met, then the hand is declared dead and no points are received. The participant with a dead hand pays six points to the opponents and finances their bonuses. However, if all participants’ hands were dead, then they will not be awarded points. If bonuses are given to two players, then the champion gets the difference between these bonuses. The loser loses the difference between the bonuses. With this development of events, the outcome of the fight is determined by an additional card, which is called a kicker.

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