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Live dealer online casino is today perhaps the most popular way to play at casino. What is offered in live casino is a realistic experience, similar to the one you can get at a land-based casino game. It’s about table games with an online live dealer. This means that there is a living dealer behind a real table somewhere in the world, such as online casino game. The dealer and the table are filmed and the film is streamed to your screen on your computer, mobile phone or tablet in real time for direct play. You place your bets from your account and the game starts immediately.

Today you can find live dealer casino online at more or less every online casino. Some sites offer the live casino as part of the regular casino, while on others you need to go to a separate section of the site to start playing. There are some differences between these different live casinos in terms of number of tables, game developers and so on, so it may be a good idea to compare a few different ones before deciding where to start playing.

Online casino live dealer today not only includes live blackjack and live roulette, but you can also play your cards against other players in a wide range of games. Live casino games include live baccarat, sic bo and poker, such as hold em. There are also games that are not real casino games really, but are still offered. This is, for example, the wheel of fortune dream catcher from evolution gaming. It is a wheel that is similar to what is found in amusement parks and that does not really have to do with the casino. What is similar to a live casino, however, is the live dealer, who stands by your side and helps you win, hopefully.

Many new casinos have a real focus on live dealer casinos and therefore we see more developed live casinos at the best casinos today than there were before. This means, for example, a larger number of tables. This not only means a little more different kinds of games, but also more variety within one and the same game quite simply. Blackjack may be offered in several different variants, plus special vip tables with high deposits. There can also be tables with jackpots for a lot of money.

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