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Early stages:

To play the best strategy for the early stages of a Sit n go is strong! At this point, when you play in online casinos you have a lot of fish goes all-in, often with very small hands. These players usually have no strategy behind them and best to stay for now and let the beat each other. This is especially the case in the weak players at the tables.

So now your main goal is simply to survive, folding 95% of hands and only play premium hands.

Pre-flop, must raise at least 6 times the big blind. You do not want callers are many, and then there is a much greater chance of hitting with a weak hand. If all lines are not a problem, it is much better than you are stunned.

Among the steps:

Currently, the table must be reduced to 6 players and skill level a little higher. At this point we need to start more aggressively blinds are the most impact on our stack. You cannot afford to sit back and wait for better hands than blindly eat the battery too quickly, so you should instead use two main strategies.

Blind stealing is very important now because the blinds have become increasingly important compared to your stack. You can do this by betting when you are in late position or in the small blind in order to see that no one will call your bet. A super successful business after covering the cost of a full table and gives you more time to. A good hand to play

Double up Here, the aim is to go all-in with a strong hand (preferably a high pair) after someone has bet. Thus, you have two ways to win the pot. Or fear your all-in and go to bed, or call them and you will win anyway.

The final steps:

There should be 4 or 5 players left from that point. Bravo, your approach to money! But you need some adjustments to his game. First, you have to be more aggressive. Most of the table is more passive, because they are afraid of being. From as close to the money Enjoy!

Make Pairs – big bets. My main goal now is to steal the blinds and your stack will grow very fast. Its main objectives are the short stack player, is more likely to be found. Access regularly, but be sure to back once its batteries are less than three big blinds. Right now they are almost bound to be pot and are likely to call with any two cards. You need a strong hand to play against them at this time. Players must wear very quickly at this point, and it should soon be in the money. The payment will be:

First Place – 50% 2nd Place – 30% 3rd Place – 20% there is only a difference of 10% between the second and third position to take risks, to try to get the first need space. You need more hands now and play extremely aggressive. Its main objective is to make too much pressure on their opponents as possible.

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