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Jan 22, 2020

Generally online casino games are played with the concept that the winner takes all. However, sometimes the pot needs to be shared among more than one players, sometimes several players get a share of the pot, and this pot splitting takes place in games where players end up in a tie or in game variants played as high/low split, in which case the equally divided pot goes to the players who have the highest and the lowest hands in the game. An exception will be when the same player has both the highest and the lowest hand and he is said to have scooped the entire pot and here splitting does not take place.

The process of splitting the pot is interesting. One player takes all the chips out from the pot using both his hands and make a stack of them by piling it on the game table. The chip stacks are now placed next to one another and compared according to their denomination. If equal stacks have been formed, the arrangement is kept aside. If the pot contains an assortment of chips, with mixed vales, then the chips of highest values are formed into stack first, followed by the chips of subsequently lower values. In case while forming the chip stack of high denomination, it is found that they cannot be evenly matched, then some chips of lower value are used to make the stacks equal in value.

This process of splitting the pot by sharing all chips equally continues until all the chips, from the highest up to the lowest denomination down have been done. In case the split is not between just two players, but among three or more, this process of splitting is followed. If any odd chips are left over, then it is determined by following any one of several possible rules which one of the winners get the award of that extra chip.

If in a game of poker, the pot is split between two players, which are most common, then sometimes an odd chip remains that cannot be evenly shared. In three-way split, there may be two odd chips. There are several regulations that stipulate how the extra chip(s) can be awarded to the winning player and generally before the game has started players mutually consent to follow one of the rules.

In high/low split poker games, the odd chip is invariably awarded to the player who has the high hand. However, in case the game ended in a tie, then pot splitting is not done on basis of high and low and both players have equal hand values. In this situation the player who has the highest ranked single card wins the odd chip and if there is tie even in this determination, then high card by suit rule is applied by alphabetical order; thus clubs is lower than diamonds which is lower than hearts which is lower than spades. A variation of this rule of awarding chips in case of a tied game is when the player who is seated closest to the dealer in clockwise manner gets the odd chip.

Since in some casino poker games, the house dealer is present and dealer button system is not used, instead of positional rule, the high card by suit rule is applied. This method is commonly followed in private and home poker games. If due to multi-way ties, the pot gets repeatedly split and players get only a fractional share a special rule is used to award the odd chip. So, in a high/low split game, where the high hand wins alone and the low hand is tied calling for further splits, the extra chip is not given to the high hand and put on the bottom half.

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