Pot Limit Texas Hold’em lies somewhere in the middle of Limit Hold ‘em and No Limit Hold ‘em because Pot Limit betting is not as structured as Limit betting, while not as risky as No Limit betting. Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em is for players who desire more betting freedom than Limit Hold ‘em allows, but who also don’t prefer the dramatic action that No Limit Hold ‘em warrants.

About the Game

The maximum bet that a Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em player can wager is the size of the current pot (including the amount that is needed to call). This creates an increasing betting limit as each new betting round is introduced, so the pot gets larger and larger as the hand progresses. Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em strategy is similar to No Limit strategy; however, both are unlike Limit Hold ‘em strategy. While Limit Hold ‘em is the most popular form of Hold ‘em in the US, Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em is more commonly played in Europe. But you can always find Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em games online at http://www.kasinobonusnorge.com/.

How to bet

For example, in a $10/$20 Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em game, let’s say one player adds $20 to an existing pot of $30, resulting in a $50 pot. The next player wants to raise, so his call adds another $20 in the pot, yielding a $70 pot. His raise is capped at the size of the existing pot, so at this point, the player can raise up to $70, making his maximum bet possible $140. The necessity of a Pot Limit player to calculate his own call into the pot, makes this game a little harder to learn. Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em is the hardest betting structure for players to adapt to.

If you are playing at a Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em table with $10/$20 blinds, then the small blind puts in $5, and the big blind puts in $10 (that makes $15 in the pot, so far). You are the next player and want to raise the pot. With your call, that adds $10 to the pot, yielding a total pot of $25. With your raise, the maximum you can bet is $50.

Pot Limit vs. No Limit

Ultimately, Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em requires more decisions to be made than No Limit Hold ‘em does. A simple pre-flop strategy is not enough to win in Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em because more players make it to the flop. However, novice players are much easier to beat down by experienced players in Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em than in No Limit Hold ‘em. Anyone can win in No Limit, even the most inexperienced of players, but in Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em, only the strongest will survive with chips left.

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