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We all know when we play in online casinos what a progressive jackpot slot machine is, right? But just for the benefit of you newbies, in a progressive slot machine, the pay out accumulates. If the jackpot is not hit, then it will increase until the jackpot is hit. This system now brings a simple question: do progressive slot machines allow jackpot hits simultaneously?

The answer is simple as well: yes. It is possible that two or more progressive jackpot slots will hit the jackpot altogether. This means that it is not true that while a progressive slot machine hits the jackpot, the other machine will not hit the jackpot. All progressive slot machines allow simultaneous progressive jackpot hits. Confused yet 🙂

But how about the payment? Does the other winner gets the reset prize? No. Imagine this, there is a row of five progressive slot machines before you. You’re playing with one of those machines, while your friends are playing with the rest of the slots. Then, you hit the jackpot with your slot machine, while your friends also hit the jackpot with his slot machine. Apparently, this friend of yours will receive the same amount of jackpot prize as your winnings.

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