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To do this, you must fill out a special form and confirm your contact information. Also, in many casinos it is possible to log in through an account on a social network. Upon completion of registration, the player will be able to activate or request a cash bonus amount of bonuses. Using live dealers on the internet live casino in recent times it has started to gain more and more momentum. Why do gambling establishments accept live distributors. The concept of using live dealers in online casinos originated in almost the same period as most online casinos.

The main concept of using live dealers casino is to create a gambling establishment atmosphere around the player. This was the best way to combine the benefits of gaming with the internet and the atmosphere of a real toy house. The biggest disadvantage was the quality of the image transmission, but over time developments in this area have increased the level of penetration into the realism of the gaming procedure. In recent times, several toy houses have created 3d broadcasts. As a result, today the participant feels as if he is alone with a representative of a gambling establishment.

Initially, live distributors could only participate in the game with the help of a personal computer. There was only one camcorder and for a long time roulette remained a single game suitable for online broadcasting. Currently, major gaming establishments use 21 cameras to transmit video images, and shooting may be slowed down. The variety of games offered to users is also increasing. In addition to roulette, it was possible to choose blackjack or craps and other forms of fun. Gambling houses arrange entire performances from such shows.

Now the game, with the participation of live dealers, is also available on mobile phones. Significant changes have taken place in the use of live distributors. For example, toy houses had to refrain from the green screen process because this reduced the level of guest participation and killed their faith in the game process. Today’s online casinos are absolutely nothing like the institutions they were a few years ago. But for a long time, ordinary gambling house regulars could not start using this service in any way, believing that such a service is specialized only for rich people who have large sums of money. However, in the second half of the progress began in the development of online gambling houses with direct distributors.

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