Choosing a live casino to play at is linked to the online casino you choose. After all, every live casino is part of the entirety of a gambling site and in practice this means that you can find live games at almost everywhere. However, there are big differences in the offer of live games. Some sites mainly focus on players who like to visit the live casino and are therefore more into live gambling than the traditional games. Others focus more on people who prefer to gamble on a video slot or slot machine.

These gambling sites will have a smaller selection of live casino games. When looking for a suitable live casino, it is therefore advisable to first compare the different parts of the gambling providers. This is possible via the website of all providers tested by us where you have to click on the live casino category. This way you get a direct overview of all available games with dealer, croupier or game show presenter.

Tips for Playing Live Casino

Before playing in a live casino at, we recommend that you read our various tips. The big difference is that the live games cannot be tested. Something that is possible with slot machines and video slots if you have an account with a gambling provider.

Below You Will Find Our Tips Regarding Live Gambling:

  • Don’t play live games you don’t know yet
  • Read our explanation in terms of game rules before you start playing a new live game
  • Choose a bet that is justified, so don’t play more than you can afford to lose
  • Betting on games with the lowest possible house edge
  • See if strategies can be used to gamble
  • Take advantage of relevant bonuses and promotions
  • Only choose games from reliable developers
  • Only gamble at a casino with a Gaming Authority license

Nowadays you have different names for the people who work in the live casino. Croupiers can be found at the Roulette tables, while dealers are responsible for the card games. Moreover, with the emergence of game shows you also have to deal with a presenter or presenter, because a game also has to be led in that case. These people also know all the ins and outs of a game online. This ensures that the rules are followed and that the game can be played as it should. After all, casinos only work with reliable staff. The people who work for the gambling providers, have let the popularity of the live casino go through the roof in no time. Within the live environment, the player experiences an extra dimension, which is shaped by the dealers, croupiers and game show leaders. After all, you get the feeling of sitting at a real table because of the image and sound that is offered.

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