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Discover online roulette casino winning strategies, follow golden tips and rules to increase your chances of winning the roulette casino game, and cash in the most attractive roulette casino bonuses. It is not difficult to understand why roulette casino enjoys such great popularity, if we consider how simple and at the same time how exciting the game is. To play it you only need one or more chips (chips), each with a predetermined value in money and a place at a roulette casino table, where you will place the chips on the multiple betting options.

Each round involves the placing of bets by the players, after which the dealer throws the ball on roulette casino, and it will stop at some point in a pocket that has a color and a number between (0 and 36). Depending on the result and the bets placed in the respective round, the winners are determined (eg if the ball stopped on the number 17 – black, all bets placed on black are winners). Roulette casino has multiple betting options, which is another strong point of the game. The types of bets are divided into two main categories: outside bets and inside bets , which are in fact the place where the respective options are generally placed on the table.

By internal betting we mean largely bets placed directly on numbers, while by external bets we mean bets placed on options that cover larger areas of roulette casino (eg red / black, even / odd, 1-18 / 19-36 ). In the list below i will present all the betting options for online roulette casino games and the odds for each bet. Straight bet – involves placing chips on a single number. This bet has the highest odds in the game of roulette casino, but also the lowest chances of success – odds 36. Split – bet on two adjacent adjacent numbers on the game board (be careful, not on roulette casino).

The chips are placed between any two numbers (eg on the line between 14 and 17, which are adjacent on the game board, but diametrically opposed on roulette casino) – odds 18 street – bet placed on three consecutive numbers on the game table. The board is divided into 3 columns and 12 rows, and the bet on a street represents the placement of the chips above one of the 12 rows (eg on the row where the numbers 25, 26 and 27 appear) – odds 12 corner – bet placed on four adjacent numbers on the game board. It involves placing bets on the corner between the four numbers (eg you can place a corner bet between the numbers 22,23,25 and 26) – odds 9.

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