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Roulette Sniper is a piece of software that claims to be able to make you a regular winner on the roulette tables. Now this, of course, would be a beautiful thing:-

It looks as if part of the system behind Roulette Sniper it is that old chestnut of probability – looking for extended periods where specific numbers, rows, etc, have not appeared on the wheel. What you have to remember is that a roulette wheel has no memory. Each spin of the wheel is not affected by what happened previously. Here’s a little thing to think about. If a roulette wheel comes up on zero three times, the mind notices. If a wheel comes up 36,18,9 you do not bat an eyelid.

Yet the chance of that exact sequence coming up is just the same as it is of zero three times. It’s just our minds are not programmed to look out for it (unless you happen to have a strong fetish for multiples of nine). Roulette Sniper does appear to have some form of increased staking when bets fail. While it does have a point at which you should quit to protect your bankroll scheme, there is always some risk of ruin.

Roulette Sniper also encourages you to play with the bonus money from casinos – or at least that was the advice in the original instruction manual. Nothing wrong with that in itself, because we love a bonus here as much as anyone! However, roulette is often one of those games where the wagering requirements to clear a bonus have been increased.

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