As we have commented on them before and although many enthusiasts assure you that the  Martingale system works, the reality is that it is one of the riskiest that exists.

The D’Alembert method for roulette works in a very similar way to the classic Martingale. D’Alembert, however, is not as “radical” as Martingale, which is quite volatile and can quickly lead to money loss.

Learn to know your odds as a casino roulette strategy

Roulette being a game of probability, the house will always have an advantage over any roulette strategy or advice on this game.

In short, your best casino roulette strategy is to play it safe, avoiding playing large amounts of money, and in plays that cover a large space on the table. Why not play black, red, or all pairs? Level the balance with prudence and intelligence.

Quit when you’re winning

One of the roulette strategies that is the backbone and many people tend to forget is: Learn to know when to fold! There is only one reality and it is simple: an intelligent player knows how much he wants to play and how much he is willing to lose.

In that sense, this roulette strategy says that if you lose an amount of money that you have put aside for a reason, you will not chase that loss around the table. All players know that there are days where it seems that the sun will never be seen again and others where it seems that they have gone out on a date with luck and that a true connoisseur knows how to distinguish one day from another. Once you understand the difference, you must put into practice the most important virtue of a roulette player: the discipline to fold.

This would be a good time to tackle roulette. Visit any of the casinos we specially chose to create our list and play safe with these roulette strategies!

Roulette Bets

Remember that when playing roulette it is not possible to change the probability that the ball lands in one place or another. The probabilities are always the same in each of the rolls, therefore this does not depend on the roulette strategies. And that is why it does not matter if the previous ball has landed on a certain number or color since the options never change.

Still, betting on a certain number has a much higher variance, in chip count, than the famous Red/Black or Odd/Even bets, so guessing the number once offers a much higher reward.

In the case of betting on a specific number, the chances of winning are very small, but in the case of doing so, a high number of chips is received, while the bets mentioned above (Red/Black, Odd/Even) offer a high possibility. to win, but with few profit tiles.

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