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A trade secret may be defined as a formula, process, practice, instrument, or design that a business may use to gain advantage over competitors within the same industry or profession. But when it comes to slot machines, trade secrets are used to gain advantage over the players or casino clients, and unearthing these secrets can really make you hit the jackpot and get rich just by playing in slot machines.

 Many individuals call themselves ‘experts’ and sell secret information on how to beat the odds with slot machines. They can even locate a loose slot machine for you to gain more advantage. But remember that some of these seemingly slot machine experts are bogus and give you crap information just to earn money. You can lay low on these crooks by leafing as much as you can about slot machines. And tell yourself that it’s not a secret after all.

Back in the olden days, many casino players would try their luck with slot machines using the most odd and unimaginative strategies ever conceptualized. Some of them are playing with hot and cold coins, playing in a machine found in the casino entrance and so on. They might have worked for several people then but the truth is, most slot machines today are runner by computer programs. The winning combinations are processed by these programs in a very complex and random way that you will never guess which combination will come out next.

Majority of slot machines are designed to release a pay-out between 83-99% of the coins that are fed to them. And because of the random nature of the combination, the misconception that a machine cannot hit a jackpot back to back is not true. This also negates the thinking that the more money and time you allot on a machine, the better is your chance of winning. Nope, it all depends on luck.

The most important thing you should know about slot machines is the best location to hit it big. Slot machines are of course designed for casinos. And what best place to locate winning slots than in casinos. If you see a slot machine in a non-gambling site, beware. These slot machines are only there to take your money. Another tip is to refrain from playing in slot machines positioned in gaming tables because casinos don’t want their high-paying clients to waste their money on just slot machines.

At Online Slots Tourneys we know all about the fact that gone are the days where you sit at a slot machine either at a land based Casino or online and simply sit and click. Times have changed and slots Tournaments for cash and bonuses are now all the rage. Some of the more savvy and popular online casinos now use slots tourney software to provide freeroll slots competitions, sit and go slots Tourneys and more. At Online Slots Tourneys we base our private tourneys on wagering only. That way if you are winning or losing on the slots, you still can win a tourney and pick up a cash prize.

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