In a special case is slot machines without paylines. Winnings are paid out based on symbol combinations on individual reels. These are basically slot machines with a maximum number of paylines relative to the number of reels and lines.

Slot machines without lines include the 4-reel Fruit Awards (81 chances to win), the 5-reel Twin Spin (243 chances to win), or the 4-reel, 4-line Vampire Bride with 256 chances to win.

Non-traditional slot machines

There are also games with a non-traditional design, in which the symbols do not turn on the reels, but appear on the playing field. An example of such a slot machine is Germinator or Emoji Planet games. Winning combinations are made up of identical symbols anywhere on the board and are complemented by unconventional in-game bonuses.

How many paylines should be created?

There is no ideal number of active paylines. It depends on how you play and what you expect from the game. The ideal number of active paylines depends on:

  • your gaming budget
  • your player style (whether you play from time to time or regularly)
  • the bets you want to bet on each spin

Other slot machine features, such as many online jackpots, play only the maximum number of active paylines

The number of winning lines depends on the slot machine you are playing on and the bets you are making. If you are a beginner in the field of games, it is not recommended to activate the maximum number of paylines in combination with the maximum bet. Only experienced VIP-level players can try it.

Play for fun

The number of winning lines should be chosen according to the principles of responsible play. With more paylines, you can win more often, but you can also spend your budget very quickly.

If you want to check which number of paylines is best for you, you don’t have to start a real money game right away. Try online slot machines for free. By playing just for fun, you can try whether you enjoy the game with a minimum number of paylines and a maximum bet, or you are looking for a middle ground. However, keep in mind that slot machines are not meant to win big, but mostly to have great fun.

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