People have won millions on slots all over the world, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they are a shortcut to riches. If, on the other hand, you like playing slots, you must play the right way. We at CasinoToppen can promise that you will have a fun time in front of the machines. Here are some good strategies that may be worth trying when playing slots.

Tip 1: Play with the Maximum Bet

Most slots today are no longer games where you just put in a coin and play on a line. In modern machines, you can insert several coins before starting the spin. The extra coins have several purposes; some machines only multiply the winnings by the number of coins, while others allow you to bet on more lines to increase the chances of winning, and the new ones combine the two, more coins and more pay lines/lines giving bigger payouts. In any case, the extra coins mean better chances of winning. An even more important aspect is that the maximum bet gives you the chance to win big sums of progressive jackpots.

Game Tip 2: Payout

Most games at the casino are played according to special odds. The house has already calculated how much of an advantage they have in each game. For example, they already know that they get to keep about $1 of every $100 invested in , on average. Casinos usually call this the Payback percentage. The higher the number, the more the players have been paid back. Look for casinos with high payout percentages when choosing where to play.

In the same way, the casino knows how much they keep in different slots. A 99% machine pays back $99 of every $100 it takes in, while an 85% machine pays back $85. It is of course obvious which of them you want to play on. When playing online, it’s easy to find the machines that pay back the most.

Game Tip 3: Don’t Be Superstition

Apart from the payback percentage which is explicitly stated on the machine, there is never any reason why any particular machine should give better chance of winning than any other. A machine that has just paid out a large jackpot has exactly the same probability of doing so on the next game round. That a machine that has not paid out for a long time would be “lucky” to pay out is also just superstition.

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