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The number and type of coin denomination a player should use up when playing slots in casino to gain a more favorable result is usually based on the kind of machine. By that i mean if its progressive slot machine or not and the amount of risk that you are actually willing to take. As for me, I’ve tried the tips given to me by my self-claimed slots “gurus”/friends but until now, none of them really worked consistently. One of my friends even suggested to me that I should go for the nickel slot machines first and then go up to the quarter slots. It may be a financially smart move but it can’t guarantee a 100% win. This is due to the fact that slot machine games, no matter how many coins you use, are primarily luck-based. Even the electronic ones operate through a randomized computer program that automatically chooses a combination that cannot be easily tweaked by any computer geek or slots addict.

After you’ve pulled down the lever, it’s really up to lady luck if she’s gonna grant your wish or not. Because of this fact, betting systems sold over the Internet are mostly scams since no one can really predict the outcome of any slot machine game, although many are still lured into these kinds of traps. My advice to you is to play what you are comfortable with and really with what you can afford to lose. Playing Slots is for entertainment only and not for making money. If you hit the big Jackpot well then you are definitely one of the lucky ones!!! You also also practice the same playing methods when participating in online slot tournaments. We currently feature one live free Slot Tournament brought to you and will be bringing you several more in the coming weeks/months.

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