Online casinos have an extensive catalog of games. All traditional games moved from analog, to digital. So it is unlikely that you will not find your favorite in online casinos. However, everything changes when referring to which are the best games available in the casino where you can use the bonuses. This is because some are more useful to meet the established rollover. Since, as we already know, everyone has a different contribution percentage. Therefore, you must know what to play, so that you can meet the wagering requirements quickly. And especially in the time specified by the casino. In this way, you do not risk losing your bonus or your winnings. On the plus side, bonuses will be available for the most popular online casino games. However, you must abide by the limitations that the same operator may place. Since they may not allow you to wager your bonus in all the available modalities. But in some that they will specify.

Popular Casino Games

Slot machines : Among the casino games, slots are the ideal ones to meet the rollover. This is because their contribution percentage in almost all casinos is 100%. Which is not surprising, since this game is completely based on chance. This is because any legal online casino must have a Random Number Generator. Which guarantees that the results are provided completely randomly. By contributing 100%, this means that you return the bet in full. For example, if you bet 50, that is the amount that will be added to your rollover. Which causes the wagering requirement to be fulfilled faster. Plus, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Thanks to the varied number of themes and the different modalities that this game has. You can play slots with three or five reels, or with more or less pay lines. Of course, some operators do not allow the use of bonuses in progressive jackpot slots in Also, this game is one of the favorites among beginners due to its simplicity in the mechanics. Casinos take advantage of this popularity. Therefore there are different bonuses that benefit this game. As is the case with free spins. Of course there are some casinos that limit the number of slots you can use these bonuses on.

Blackjack : Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world of chance. So there are very few casinos that do not offer this game. Which has different modalities, the best known being the European and the American. But there is also the multihand, the classic version and the Premium. People can usually play for free using the Golden Chips. Although this is not a very frequent bonus, it is common in some of the largest casinos on the market. As well as it is allowed to use the balance provided by the bonus. But this game does not usually have a very attractive contribution percentage. Being that this is, commonly, between 10% and 25%. However, some of the casinos offer up to 50%. A very acceptable percentage, compared to the others. Which allows the rollover to be fulfilled a little faster. Although it will not be as soon as with slot machines, it is a very good option. Especially if blackjack is one of your favorite games.

Poker: the best rooms with no deposit bonuses Poker is a timeless game in online casinos. A game that has always been in fashion, thanks to its game play that allows you to test yourself against other players. Given its popularity, many casinos have specialized in this game, creating exclusive spaces where you can find all the variants of online poker. In addition, more and more new events and championships are emerging, sponsored by the most important online casinos. The no deposit bonuses that they usually offer are focused on tickets to participate in daily or weekly tournaments.

The Roulette Wheel : Roulette is in the top three of the public’s favorite online casino games. Like the previous ones, there are variants of this game. You will find American and European roulette. Although Roulette has also become popular in the live casino. However, roulette is not the best game to reach rollover. Since its percentage of contribution is minimal and does not usually exceed 25%. So you would have to play more times to reach the wagering requirement. On the other hand, as we already mentioned, some casinos give away Golden Chips. Another type of no deposit bonus. Which also work for free roulette games. Also, if you play live roulette, the high roller bonuses are very juicy. Since this is the best modality to use these bonuses in large amounts.

No deposit Bingo Halls : Another of the casino games that are rising in popularity is online Bingo. The new bingo rooms created by the casinos give the user the opportunity to fully enjoy the game and its promotions. Bonuses without the need to make a deposit have become a great claim for you to get started in bingo. These promotions allow you to try different variants of bingo without risk. Below we leave you a selection with the TOP bingo rooms, where you can get no deposit bonuses.

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