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Yes, we all know we can play slots at online casinos for free. (You do know that, don’t you?) Of course, when you play for free, the money you win is virtual money also.  You get to enjoy all the fun of a slots game but you don’t actually walk away with more money than you started with.  Well, how would you like to play slots for free but with the possibility of winning real money?  Not at a regular free slot game but at a slot tournament.

So, how does a slot tournament work?  Well, in a normal game you play the money you put into the game.  And if you win, you win the money for that spin.  So each spin is a win or lose proposition.  But in a poker tournament, you pay an entry fee and are given a specific number of chips to play with.  The wins go toward your total with the player with the highest point total at the end of the tournament winning the designated prize. Keep in mind; you win the prize amount, not the total coin amount you racked up.

So, where does the freebie come in?  Well, if you head over to All Slots Casino, you’ll find that they are offering a ton of free entry tournaments.  What does this mean?  Sign up for an account at All Slots Casino and you can enter and play real slots tournaments for free.  If you win, you get the prize money. For free!  If you lose, well, you haven’t risked any money.  It’s a great way to try your luck a little slots action.

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