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To learn how to play poker, many start with home games. Invite friends or play with relatives, because the main task is to learn the rules of the game, develop your own strategy and learn to bluff. What do you need to play poker at home a deck of cards for 52 pieces, chips, the dealer’s chip to determine the order in which the cards are dealt game table. What equipment to buy for a home poker game to play poker at home, you can purchase everything you need separately. Or you can buy existing poker sets.

Depending on the budget, they may have different content. The main thing is to have cards and chips . It is also desirable that there be dice, dealer and blind buttons, roulette, instructions for playing poker casino. Such sets are sold in boxes, so it is convenient not only to store accessories in them, but also to take them with you on a visit, to the country or on vacation. All small poker accessories will be stored in one place and will not be lost. You don’t want to know before the game that the cubes have touched somewhere, right? This is why there are poker kits in a reliable box.

Playing cards in a set can be very different in size, have different patterns and materials. And if the drawing and size are not so important components, then it is worth stopping at the material and considering in more detail. If you choose cardboard cards, you must understand that they are the most short-lived. Literally a few games and they will begin to bend, flake at the edges, and this already does not look very aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, it is better to buy cards with a plastic cover. This will significantly extend their service life.

Chip options have even more variety. They can be with or without denomination, different in color, design, weight, material. And the larger your budget, the better you can buy them. Choose ceramic chips, preferably with a metal core. Then they will be quite heavy, stable and, when struck against the table surface, will produce a pleasant sound characteristic of a casino. The presence of a face value is also a matter of desire. Chips without a denomination have even more variations of use. To play home poker , you need to purchase the necessary merchandise and accessories.

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