You’ve probably heard of the top gamblers who landed big bonuses at traditional casinos. This can range from luxury costumes to VIP tickets, food, drinks, and private rooms, and all without spending a penny! There are even casinos that agree to give players a return on their losses, this return sometimes going up to 40%.

Have you ever been able to take advantage of such bonuses? If the answer is “no”, then you are one of the 99.9% of players who are not considered big enough or VIP enough to enjoy these establishments.

In the online world, things are completely different. Here, everyone can have access to big bonuses, and the sites do not make any distinctions between players. Of course, those who wager more will receive bigger matched deposit bonuses and get more stuff from loyalty programs, but when it comes to the vast majority of bonuses, including bonuses for new members and free spins bonuses, everyone is in the same boat.

Let’s not forget that the competition between online casinos leads to a constant increase in the value of these bonuses and that the casinos almost come to pay players to attract them to their home.


At the dawn of the era of online gambling, you needed a Microsoft Windows PC to be able to play in the vast majority of online casinos. You also had to download the software to your hard drive and play from there.

This created significant inequalities between players because the fact of using either Mac, Linux, or even Unix had a huge influence on the quality of gaming sessions. In addition, all players did not necessarily have the means, the space, and the desire to download this software to their computer. But times have changed, and these days, no one is left behind.

The majority of casino software works on Mac, Windows, and other operating systems, and it is also available on mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. Moreover, thanks to Flash, Java, and other online programs, you don’t even need to download this software to your computer to play it.

Real Money Games?

While casinos, slot machines, and free card games are increasingly popular, there are a lot more casinos and games allowing you to bet real money and you can play them whenever you want. wish. You can check out our list of recommended casinos and try them out for yourself.

If you’re new to the world of online casinos and gambling in general, we’ve put together a comprehensive manual just for you. The manual “How to start as a player in an online casino” will teach you everything you need to know to successfully enter the world of online games.

If you’ve never wagered at an online casino before, be sure to read this article before you get started. It won’t tell you any “secrets”, it won’t give you the magic formula that will turn you into a professional gambler, but it just might give you the edge you need to turn a profit.

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