Casino bonuses can be divided into several different bonus types. Not all bonus types are suitable for all players, which is why it is good to learn how to understand the differences between bonuses.

Welcome Bonuses : Welcome bonuses are bonuses for new players when a player registers for the first time at an online casino. This bonus can only be used once. One of the most common forms of welcome bonus is that the casino multiplies the player’s deposit. That is, when a player deposits the amount x, he gets a certain percentage of bonus money to play for the casino at here For example, the casino bonus is 100% up to 100. If a player deposits 100, they will receive 100 in play money from the casino. In total, the player has 200 to play in casino games. Another welcome bonus often seen in casinos is free spins for new customers. In this case, the casino usually requires a deposit of a certain amount, for example, to give the player 50 free spins. At the online casino, free spins are very common and free spins are combined with a bonus bonus. An example of this welcome bonus could be 100% bonus money up to 100 + 50 free spins.

Loyalty Bonuses : Loyalty bonuses are often encountered in the VIP programs offered by the casino, in which case the player is a regular customer of the casino and is therefore entitled to various bonuses and benefits. These VIP programs aim to keep the old players in the casino happy and stay in the casino. There are often many levels to be found in these VIP programs and every time you get to a higher level, the benefits, rewards and bonuses only get better. So if you find a casino you like and can’t keep looking for new welcome bonuses and casinos, we recommend that you check out if the casino has such a VIP program.

Free Spins : Free spins are a favorite bonus for multiple players. There are several types of free spin bonuses. Some can be obtained without a deposit and others require a deposit. However, all free spins are subject to certain terms and conditions. Free spins are often found in connection with welcome bonuses, loyalty programs and weekly bonuses. Free spins are a great way to get to try out the casino slot games on offer. In some casinos, free spins can be used in the game of your choice, while in some rounds the games are predetermined. Often, a payout is set for free spins, which means that even if you win an amount that exceeds the ceiling in a free spin, you only get the amount set as the payout. For this reason, when redeeming free spins bonuses, it is a good idea to check if there are any pre-determined conditions attached to the spins.

Bonus Codes : Some online casinos have bonuses that require a bonus code to redeem them. This means that when redeeming the bonus, the player must enter a predefined code in the bonus code field to receive the bonus. More commonly, bonus codes are used in new player welcome bonuses. Sometimes deposit bonuses also require a bonus code. The bonus code is thus in a way a voucher that gives the player a certain advantage. Bonus codes are easy to use and the only memory rule is that the player checks the spelling of the bonus when entering it. Today, however, these bonus codes are less and less seen at online casinos.

Reload Bonus : The Reload bonus is a kind of deposit bonus offered to old players of the casino. The Reload bonus always works so that the player has to deposit a certain amount of money in the casino to activate the bonus. There are several different bonuses, but most Reload bonuses offer the player a 25% -50% deposit bonus.

Cashback Bonus : The cashback bonus differs wildly from other forms of bonus, as in this bonus the casino will pay the player money when the player loses at the casino. Depending on the bonus, the casino may pay some or all of the money lost. This bonus has become more widespread and many casinos are running into this, especially on the betting side. The bonus works in practice by giving the player the opportunity to deposit money and play it in pre-determined games. If a player loses his deposit, he will receive part or all of the amount back to the player’s account. When a player wins, the bonus is not activated and the player is allowed to keep their winnings as normal. The best thing about cash back bonuses is the fact that when you lose money, you have the opportunity to get some of them back with the bonus. Typically, the amount of the cashback bonus is about 5% -10% of the money lost. Some online casinos pay cash back on all the money spent at the casino, but often the percentages are lower then. Often, cashback money is cash rather than bonus money, which means you can withdraw it from your game account if you wish. Cash back casinos often pay the player once a week or once a month.

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